• Learn how to deal with rejection

    A Pro gets paid while others are frustrated, so learn the posture of a Pro.

  • Selling becomes easy when you know these secrets

    You will learn 10 selling secrets that can make you a fortune!

  • Every major leader has to embrace this teaching to succeed

    Never use people to build your business use your business to build people. Dr.Breakthrough

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Intro FREE PREVIEW
    • Lesson One Selling Sabotage
    • Lesson Two Selling Secrets
    • Lesson One & Lesson Two Questions
  • 2
    Lesson 3
    • Lesson Three Selection (Posture)
    • Lesson Four Selling Scripturally
    • Lesson Three & Lesson 4 Questions
  • 3
    Lesson 5
    • Lesson Five Selling Styles
    • Lesson Six Selling Steps
    • Lesson Five & Lesson Six Questions

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